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Boreal ForestBoreal Forest

Scientists consider the world’s boreal forest to be crucial to the survival of the human race because its trees serve as “The Lungs of the Earth”— filtering greenhouse gases and storing carbon.

The Land that Gives Life is part of the largest stretch of boreal forest on earth, comprising a unique and productive chain of inter-connected habitats consisting of forests, lakes, rivers, valleys, wetlands, peat lands and tundra in its northern-most regions.

Canada’s boreal is a 1,000 kilometres-thick green belt of coniferous trees that separates the frozen tundra from the warmer conditions further south. Elsewhere, much of the boreal forest has been cut down, cleared for industry or cities, crossed by giant highways.

But not here.

The Land that Gives Life has hardly changed at all; which is why its people are striving to keep it that way.

Protecting the land and achieving UNESCO World Heritage status is a way to ensure this boreal forest’s true value will be recognized for generations to come, and that others can share in its importance.